samedi 5 mars 2011

Custom Badges

Hey already thrown in the multiplayer? Don't forget to put on custom badges, it's always nice to see some trollface on units rather than the same old ultramar blaze :D

Here's what in the Readme you surely didn't read :°

    How to create a custom badge for DoW2: Retribution.

        1) Open your favourite image-editing software application.
        2) Create an image no larger than 128x128 pixels.
        3) Save the image as an 8-bit .PNG file. Ensure the file size is not larger than 56kb.
        4) Save or copy the image into the following folder: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Dawn of War II - Retribution Beta\Badges
        5) Launch Retribution and open the Army Painter. Your image should appear in the list of badges.

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