lundi 14 mars 2011

Hi guys

Hey there, i'm not dead (or not completely at least) i didn't had lot of time for myself this week, i hope i can post these tutorials soon!

I think it'll be on cover tactics, or if you have any idea or you wanna show support don't hesitate to comment !

mardi 8 mars 2011

The last stand

Since the launch of RETRIBUTION, there's a new map in the last stand : The Anvil of Khorne. This map features a hell landscape and lot of critters to deal with....

Don't hesitate to throw into the fight with two other mates !

See you in the last stand !

lundi 7 mars 2011

Caping again !

Hmm i just played a game with a bunch of friends, and i noticed one thing :

early in the game and later they capped with all of their squad, this is a big mistake! Never cap with all of the squad, early you waste time as you could be caping two points at the same time, and later in the game, if you regroup everything (blobing) you'll get smashed by a manticore or global abilitie.

Always cap with a single squad, even if you lose it, you'll maximise your chance to preserve other squads !

This is what you can see in campaign mode, dont' repeat that in multiplayer, it will cost you dearly.

Also some squad can cap points faster than other, i'll post about that later when ive gathered enough infos !


Hey guys im working on a small tutorial to point some advanced tech for caping and fighting, see ya soon !

samedi 5 mars 2011

Custom Badges

Hey already thrown in the multiplayer? Don't forget to put on custom badges, it's always nice to see some trollface on units rather than the same old ultramar blaze :D

Here's what in the Readme you surely didn't read :°

    How to create a custom badge for DoW2: Retribution.

        1) Open your favourite image-editing software application.
        2) Create an image no larger than 128x128 pixels.
        3) Save the image as an 8-bit .PNG file. Ensure the file size is not larger than 56kb.
        4) Save or copy the image into the following folder: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Dawn of War II - Retribution Beta\Badges
        5) Launch Retribution and open the Army Painter. Your image should appear in the list of badges.

First things first, here's nice basics : there is 3 types of ressources aviable in the game : you'll have to capture them simply putting a squad at them by right clicking it, or fight to aquire em.

That, is a requisition point, it provide requisition bonus as soon as you capture it. Requisition is used to build the most basic units like heretics or scout, it's the first of the three ressource you'll have to gather in the game. The longer you hold them the better as they'll get a bonus of requisition generation over time.

Here's a power node, it provide energy, the key to unlock tier 2 and tier 3. You can build the power node after capturing it, preventing enemies to capture it easely, and allows you to build up to 3 generators. It's often a good idea to capture these early and build at least the node to ensure a good economy.

The last ressource is the red bar you can see at the bottom right corner of the game screen, Appart from the ork, you'll have to fight and kill models in order to build up red. This allows you to use up Global abilities.

This is the most basic information you can get about ressources there are some tip and trick you must know, ill post it in a later tutorial.

Small Tutorial

Hey i'm working on a small tutorial to show basics of the game, how to capture and when to do it. Come back soon !

jeudi 3 mars 2011


Now that Dawn of war 2 Retribution use steamworks, patchs seems to pour on; Heres the changelog of the 3.12

3.12 Release Notes

  • Players no longer need to wait for all of their enemies to leave the game in order to be able to select Continue on the post game stats screen
  • Fixed an issue that could cause users to become stuck on the post game stats screen after using the Link button and selecting Continue
  • Fixed an issue that could cause users to suddenly drop to the Main Menu from the post game stats screen
  • A full party of 3 should now instantly enter a Last Stand match instead of searching for one
  • The name field of a new campaign will now be pre-populated with the race chosen
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the AI from displaying custom badges
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the preview for the Imperial Guard Laser turret arc from displaying
  • Optimized texture mipmapping to improve memory performance on High visual settings and below

Retribution is now out !

Retribution is now out, and i will try to post some news and stuff about the game !